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Hina Matsuri, a Festival for our Princesses

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

On March 3rd, we celebrate “Hina Matsuri," Hina Festival , the girls’ festival

in Japan.

We decorate our homes with Hina dolls before and on 3rd March to protect our daughters from misfortune, and wish them healthy growth and happiness .

Historically, the Japanese have preferred the odd numbers over even ones. In China it is said that an odd-numbered month and day such as Jan 1st , March 3rd, May 5th , July 7th, Sep 9th, Nov 11t

h have extreme Yin Energy generates and brings bad luck. For this reason, festivals are formed and took place for the purification.

The origin of the Hina doll festival is an ancient Chinese ceremony which took place around 3rd March on the lunar calendar. People would wash themselves by the waterfront for self-purification . Paper or straw were made into human figures, representing one’s negative energy.

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