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Our Goods

Our items are all handmade, therefore each piece is unique, and some collections may be limited. Some items are also seasonal, depending on what our crafts-people are inspired by.

With that said, our artisans can re-make, or make an item to your specifications. For example, if you would like a 6-inch quince plate, or a large platter, featuring a specific design please do not hesitate to let me know.

I hope you enjoy a sample of our goods here, and if you would like, you can see our current full catalog, and make a purchase here. The link is in Japanese so please call us if you need assistance to place any orders. 

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Tobe Ceramics

Graceful, subtle, delightful pieces that will enliven any setting.

See our full catalog here (presently in Japanese, with English and Spanish assistance provided through the contact form).

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Tobe Ware Teacup.jpg

Tea Set

JPY 15,400

Saucer: 15.5cm(Diameter) x 3cm(H)

Cup: 10.5cm(Diameter) x 8cm(H) 

Shirakata Yasuhiko, Ehime Prefecture Intangible Cultural Property

A versatile porcelain piece that is at home in any setting. Perfect for sipping your favorite tea.

Great as a gift to yourself or someone  you treasure.

Purchase here (link in Japanese, with assistance in English and Spanish provided through the contact form).

Kutani Ceramics

Vibrant pieces which add colour and life to your table.

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Kutani Ware Plate.jpg

Six-inch Quince Plate with Red and Multi-colour Blocks

JPY 8,800

18cm(W) x 4cm(H)

This plate with a modern feel, makes everyday dishes look like a treat.

Sushi, hor d'oeuvres, sashimi, German potatoes...this versatile dish adds colour to your table.

Popular with restaurants.

Purchase here (link in Japanese, with assistance in English and Spanish provided through the contact form).

Gift Ideas

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Fukusa Chief.jpg

Fukusa Handkerchief

JPY 19,800

By Tokuo Fujibayashi

With 200 of the world's thinnest platinum thread woven into them, you can be certain that this handkerchief will add dimension and luxury to however you choose to use it, whether you have it tucked in your suit as a pocket square, wrap it around a gift, or to purify your tea equipment.

Available in 8 traditional Japanese colours.

Purchase here (link in Japanese, with assistance in English and Spanish provided through the contact form).

Kimono x Cameroon Fabrics

Cultures come together with energetic fabrics from Cameroon being transformed into kimono.

We worked with Cameroon Fabrics to create colourful, airy and durable kimonos from their fabrics sourced directly from the marketplaces of Cameroon.

Order-made starting from JPY 38,000.

Get one made here

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Are you a hospitality, food and beverage business?

Are you a designer, artisan, or creator?

Are you a wholesaler or dealer overseas?

I look forward to speaking with you!

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